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Board Engagement in the Strategic Planning Process

Start engagement early

Human service organization staff leadership need all the committed support they can get.

Leadership usually seeks approval of the board of directors for plans developed in staff retreats and management meetings, thus missing the opportunity to learn from and expand its perspective beyond the skills and knowledge of its staff.

Engaging the board of directors in the planning process starts well before the strategic discussions are initiated. 

An engaged board is a valuable board

The critical knowledge and experience of a board is so valuable to building on the vision and mission of the organization.  However, an effective board is one who truly knows and understands the environment and operations of the of its organization.

In this series of articles, we will discuss specific aspects of board readiness for the strategic planning process.

The major topics we will explore will include:

  • The external environment where we live
  • Understanding Our Competitors
  • Knowing our customers
  • Doing what we do
  • Being Financially Viable
  • Who are we? Really?
  • How do we set goals?
  • How active boards act
  • How the board engages staff
  • Commitment to the Vision

The Strategic Planning Process requires significant time and resources. The long-term benefits of the process can only be achieved if there is clarity, continuity and commitment of both staff and board.

Check back soon for the next article in the series, where we share our experience with clients who actively involved the board of directors, how they went about making the most of an active board, and the outcomes they achieved.

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