NewsThe real injury will be to people with disabilities and families whose children will pay the price in their health and well-being

Pennsylvania House Passes Medicaid Work Requirement Bill

Another attempt to require some able-bodied Medicaid recipients to engage in work-related activity for their taxpayer-funded health insurance

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XtraGlobex Assembles Dream Team to Prepare Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Organizations for Managed Care For Exceptional and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

“For a fixed cost, we teach the staff about the changes to come, evaluate the organization top to bottom, and leave it with a clear-cut image of its preparedness to operate under any managed care model, a solid foundation for long-term planning, implementation and sustainable results.”

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Lawmakers Band Together To Defend ADA

Disability advocates say businesses have had over 20 years to comply with the ADA and the proposed changes to the law would leave people with disabilities unable to access spaces for months after flagging an accessibility violation.

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Apple Proposes “Accessibility Emoji”

“One in seven people around the world has some form of disability,” Apple says in its proposal. “The current selection of emoji provides a wide array of representations of people, activities, and objects meaningful to the general public, but very few speak to the life experiences of those with disabilities.”

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Strengthening Medicaid LTSS in an Evolving Policy Environment: A Toolkit for States Webinar

The 60-minute webinar describes policy strategies, operational steps, and federal and state authorities that leading states have used to increase access to community-based care and improve integration of LTSS with other Medicaid and Medicare-covered services.

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SF Pilots Program to Help Middle-Income People Pay for Home Care

In what’s believed to be the first of its kind in the country, San Francisco’s Support at Home pilot program provides financial assistance to middle-income people — mostly seniors and some younger adults with disabilities — to help pay for home care.

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Bitcoin: What Nonprofits Need to Know and How It Might Give Your Fundraising a Competitive Advantage

Even if you don’t feel you completely understand it, you’ve likely heard a lot about the cryptocurrency craze. Massive amounts of money have been invested in these digital coins, and even with head-spinning gyrations in this new asset class in recent months, experts believe there’s a potential to earn vast riches in the cryptocurrency market.

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U.S. Senator Bob Casey releases statement on planned vote in House on HR 620

The Pennsylvania Senator calls it “a misguided, mean-spirited bill that will significantly limit the rights of people with disabilities by removing the teeth of the Americans with Disabilities Act. “

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Full vote in House of Representatives on bill that could change ADA

A controversial law up for a vote this week is meant to cut down on frivolous lawsuits but could cut access rights to public businesses for people with disabilities

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Friday’s Massive Budget Deal Makes Big Medicare Changes

The huge two-year budget agreement reached by Congress early Friday for the first time allows Medicare to pay for some long term supports and services

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