Over the years, we have provided Exceptional and Sustainable Competitive Advantage to a wide variety of clients. From small restaurants to national charities, startup biotechnology firms to leviathan pharmaceutical players, B2C and B2B, we have found a way to benefit each of our clients with our strategic thinking, our extensive skill sets, and our pitch-perfect execution.

While an exhaustive portfolio would overwhelm, here we have collected some prime examples of recent work that epitomizes the sort of variety and quality we bring to the table with every project, every client, every time.

Our work for each client generally spans several categories. This portfolio is organized by category, so that case studies under each umbrella — Business Development, Communications, Technology and Globalization — can be browsed as a group.

If you have any questions about the work you see here, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Our World

Focus: India

Focus: Healthcare

As one of the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare technology distribution companies in the world, AmerisourceBergen Corporation brought in XtraGlobex to help establish focused, strategic marketing planning that would capitalize on their size, offerings, and market differentiators.

We began with in-depth investigative market research, delving into the competitive landscape and healthcare industry trends. We conducted extensive internal interviews and accessed data stores that, with consolidation and analysis, began to reveal opportunities for unifying and game-changing communications, both within AmerisourceBergen and their current and prospective markets.

We conducted market opportunity analysis to determine promising targets and directions, and plotted a detailed roadmap for taking strategic action in those directions, in coordination with the extensive AmerisourceBergen sales force.

We distilled extensive win/loss data into to-the-point, single-page reports and best practices, allowing meaningful communication of that vital information to the sales force in immediately actionable and readable iterations. XtraGlobex also spearheads the competitive intelligence reporting effort, delivering focused and informative intelligence documents that outline competitive news, trends, developments, and opportunities on a weekly basis.

The Outreach Center is a 503(c) car donation charity based in Brooklyn, New York. As one of the largest, they are the go-to resource for individual donors in all 50 States who want to donate their car to a good cause. The Outreach Center benefits several children’s charities with the proceeds of these donations.

The Outreach Center came to us with a unique combination of challenges: updating and maintaining their current traditional media campaigns, while jump starting their digital media endeavors; enhancing their public relations; engaging their donors in a more lasting way; and refreshing their brand, a significant undertaking with such a widely-recognized organization.

XtraGlobex began with intense strategy work and market research. We uncovered patterns in the donation behaviors of their current markets, and gathered feedback and perceptions from current and target donor populations. From there, we delivered comprehensive marketing and media planning, a blueprint for the future.

MyCare PHC is a Concierge Care practice, a retainer-based, personalized doctor-patient relationship with 24/7 personal physician access and complete specialist coordination.

As a new practice, MyCare came to us with a name, a logo, and a business model. We worked with them to construct solid business planning, including narrowing down their target demographic, their corresponding psychographic, and from there, working out a solid marketing strategy. We determined MyCare's ideal client base, the most compelling positioning and messaging for their marketing, and a roadmap to implementation.

Transitions Lenses was the leading provider of photochromic ophthalmic lenses. However, as an OEM to other leading brands, it had no identity of its own. Our unique Immersion Branding process showed that patients, particularly women, listened to their eye-care professionals and followed their advice.

To create a stand alone identity for these branded lenses, XtraGlobex developed a special relationship program with eye care professionals throughout the US and in the major global metro markets. By focusing on women’s trust in their eye care providers and appealing to them as both household “decision-makers” and as mothers, we were able to build loyalty. This was accomplished by partnering with eye care professionals to provide a strong preventative program of education on childhood eye health.


When Compass Group decided to merge newly-acquired KIMCO Corp with its major B&I support service brand, Eurest Services, XtraGlobex was brought in to develop a real, exceptional competitive advantage for the unified organization through positioning and full communications rebranding.

We began with extensive research on the competitive set, achieving a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace, the nuanced positionings, and the resulting opportunities. From there, we worked closely with the client to formulate a strategic positioning that would carry the unified brand into its new life with a strong competitive edge and ample room for growth in the future.

Working with the established style guide, we supported this extensive strategic work with exceptional communications planning, design, and execution. We created a standout web presence that is simultaneously visually engaging and ultimately content-driven, and a full set of external collateral and internal communications materials designed to deliver the core message of the client's extensive offerings and new strengths. We augmented the launch with a crisp, informative short video announcement from the company's CEO. Together, the materials brought both their clients and their staff onto the same page, and enabled a cohesive and transparent transition into their new era.


After working with the Outreach Center to establish a research-based strategic marketing plan, we launching into executing the communications strategies. We designed three different billboard campaigns, and ran them in test markets across the nation; the resounding winner of that trial became a complete national campaign, in strategically placed media. We integrated that campaign into print media in newspapers, magazines, charity publications, and web marketing, refreshing the company's image and gaining increased exposure in desirable outlets.

Web design

We undertook a wholesale redesign and reconstruction of the client’s website, vastly improving the look and feel, the content, and the usability of their digital presence. We performed extensive Search Engine Optimization, and began several Search Engine Marketing campaigns which we managed and adjusted on a daily basis. As a result of this work, we saw exceptional improvements: many more people visited the site, and they stuck around much longer – resulting in record high daily donation rates.

Brand development

XtraGlobex worked with the Outreach Center to establish a comprehensive rebranding plan, create a Foundation from the Center, and establish the independent towing company that they used as a dedicated charity towing service.

Public Relations

We became the client’s public relations arm, working with television and print media and disseminating press releases and news items. We developed and launched a public service campaign under the Outreach umbrella, which included a brand, logo, website, blog, print and web PR, and PSA billboards, all geared towards raising awareness of various issues affecting American children every day.

Customer Relations Management

We designed and produced a complete Customer Relations Management program, working with our campaign designs, market data, and the client’s existing technologies and workflows. The program included database construction and maintenance, system integration, design and production of customizable collateral, and overarching strategic work to effect word-of-mouth marketing from the client’s existing donor base.

Retail Communications

Kuzina by Sofia is a popular restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ, specializing in traditional and modern Greek cuisine. Kuzina is very active both in its customer relationships and in the hospitality and Greek communities of the Southern New Jersey area.

As an active retail client, Kuzina relies upon XtraGlobex for fast turnaround of marketing concepts and materials, geared towards their various client bases and the wide variety of specials, events, and activities in which they participate. We design and produce targeted ads for print and digital media, flyers, custom menus, and collateral. We manage their newsletters, direct mail pieces, and web-based CRM.

XtraGlobex handles Kuzina’s public relations program, including press releases, news updates to their website, and media events. We also arrange professional photography for key events and high profile catering bookings, work which provides the client with a growing library of custom images for their business.

Targeted marketing

Osteoporosis is the most common of the bone diseases that affect Americans. It is characterized by low bone mass resulting in weakening of the skeleton. The condition is diagnosable in women as early as their young teenage years. One of the most common myths about Osteoporosis is that it can be prevented by correcting stooped posture in preadolescent and teenage girls. However, early screening is the only way to check bone mineral density to predict future development of the disease. Young teenage girls have a cultural aversion to letting their parents or their parents’ physicians know anything about their bodies.

To educate and encourage parents to bring their daughters in for screening, we developed a campaign targeted at both parents and daughters. To debunk the posture myth, we communicated with teens using a visual icon and a headline that young girls could identify with. It stressed that a yearly screening is the only way to prevent the debilitating future effects of Osteoporosis.

The poster campaign raised screening awareness in doctor’s offices, walk-in clinics, junior high and high schools. In addition, the back of the posters carried information to educate physicians about new Johnson & Johnson and Merck Osteoporosis drug therapies.

Marketing & Web Design

Xperiment Services is a Philadelphia-based laboratory services and R&D outsourcing company, specializing in providing exceptional-quality research partnerships with renowned institutions across India.

Xperiment Services came to us with their name and their business model. We began our work with comprehensive marketing strategy, to inform our brand development. From there, we designed a logo and a clean, informative website – their primary customer-facing presence. The website serves as the Xperiment business development team's primary marketing tool, presenting research categories, study examples, and service profiles that work together to position Xperiment as a strong R&D outsourcing partner.

Public Relations

Post-launch, we embarked upon a web presence management strategy, to broaden Xperiment Services' digital footprint across the Web. We issued keyword-relevent press release to boost media and search engine awareness, and generated traffic to the new site. We positioned team members at tradeshows and networking events, facilitating introductions and meetings, and helping to generate buzz and contacts.


To augment our marketing and public relations efforts, we designed and produced business cards and marketing collateral geared towards industry decision makers. This collateral allowed Xperiment Services to make their strong case for partnership in a lasting way, and remain top of mind with the contacts they created at conferences and seminars.


HP, a global giant in providing high tech solutions in their six medical products divisions, had scale, leading edge technology, and superior diagnostic tools. But they lacked a focused brand message in the minds of their users and potential customers.

We created a “real time solutions” brand strategy that showed doctors how to share vital diagnostic information in real time, displayed live between continents. That meant that specialists in Boston could observe heart exams, inter-uterine procedures, and other diagnostic tests while they were being performed.

XtraGlobex helped this global ICT leader unite all their medical divisions under a clearly differentiated positioning. This made doctors and hospitals aware of the incredible extended reach their life saving expertise could have in a world desperate for medical care.


The Philadelphia branch of Acre Mortgage, recognizing a need to leverage the potential of web technology to generate valuable leads, brought in XtraGlobex to establish a compelling brand strategy for this new medium.

We worked with the Acre team to develop Multiple-Lenders.com, a web portal that underscores Acre's key offering of scouring the lender field for the best custom quote for each of their clients. We developed a logo that was at once encouraging and positive and a web design that was professional yet a touch playful, helping to differentiate their web presence from cookie-cutter competition, and to reinforce positive emotions in visitors — key in a tumultuous industry.

After launch, we embarked on a web presence management campaign, establishing profiles on major search engines and industry listing sites, driving traffic to Multiple-Lenders.com and generating leads.

Market Entry

Rather than relying on bromide and chlorine to keep swimming pools and hot tub water clean, Vision used a proprietary ozonated process that was unheard of in the US, but which was used widely in Europe - especially by the Olympic Swim teams. With a limited budget, this client approached XtraGlobex and we leveraged our I-Mix process to find the way to take them to market.

We found the message that would resonate to provide a sustainable competitive advantage through our Immersion Branding process, by combining the healthfulness and beauty benefits of the products. XtraGlobex gained coverage in Vogue, Elle, Mademoiselle and USA Today by publishing a spring “pool care chart” that analyzed the various water purifiers and the benefits of each. We then wrote a short book about pool care - which again looked at the various methods. This led to news coverage on TV and radio stations throughout the country. We also placed the book for sale in Borders.

As a result of our work, Vision sold three times more product than projected in their business plan, and was able to secure a second round of funding from investors.

Print Marketing & Direct Mail

Magic Pins, a high-volume prepaid mobile refill and handset distributor with a revolutionary end-user software platform, was seeking a way not only to broaden their footprint of partner retailers, but also to position themselves for direct provider relationships. XtraGlobex began with a series of eye-catching ads and direct mail pieces, strategically placed in key industry publications and sent to validated leads, which generated strong response rates and set the stage for a wholesale redesign of the company's main customer-reaching presence: its website.

Web design

Creating a web presence to embody a technologically cutting-edge organization that appeals both to large-scale international providers and small-scale local retailers alike was the challenge that we took on for this project. The resulting site provides constant access to the vital partner login area, while presenting key information and contact means to each target class of visitor in an intuitive and highly navigable layout.

Public Relations

To support each initiative, we took on a full-service public relations role, publicizing the major partnerships and technology programs that took place and grew Magic Pins closer and closer to their goals. We secured extensive publicity for the client, including a front-page feature article and interview with the Philadelphia Business Journal.

After determining MyCare's target market, and establishing their marketing plan, we set to work executing a communications package that would allow them to garner attention, attract prospective clients on and offline, and stay accessible and top of mind to the connections they made.

We designed and built a website, MyCarePHC.com, using standards-based technology for broad accessibility and exceptional usability, especially important for a primary care provider's site. The design is warm and minimal, relying on the richness of the images to augment the content of the site. It promotes an image and sense of holistic wellness, health, comfort, and liveliness, key emotional components of MyCare's target positioning and benefit offerings.

Integrated with the look, feel, and messaging of the site, we designed and produced a striking leave-behind card to attract interest in the practice, and a strategically assembled New Client Package that combined an informational brochure, folder, letterhead, and follow-up cards. The package allowed MyCare to embark upon its business development endeavors with an overall graphic identity, and ample and memorable materials in hand.

By creating, populating, maintaining, and analyzing extensive databases that cross reference not only internally gathered industry and client data but also regular downloads from some of the nation's biggest and most comprehensive data warehouses, we are able to turn AmerisourceBergen's data into in-depth knowledge. In our technical team's work with AmerisourceBergen, we regularly deliver informative and even revelatory reporting and information visualizations that allow for real understanding, insight, analysis, and action.

Every time we design a site, we also develop and launch it. And while each design is unique, inventive, and in essence strategic, the development adheres to a set of core standards and principles that ensures that our clients' sites are available to the widest possible population, in the cleanest and most accessible way.

We believe firmly in web standards, accessibility, and usability principles. Our markup is clean, validated, and semantic, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance and cutting edge best practices. Every site we build, like everything we do, must provide exceptional and sustainable competitive advantage — making sure our clients' sites are backward and forward compatible, easy to update and friendly to emerging technologies, is one of the many ways we deliver on that promise.

Our educational segment offers seminars and training courses designed to prepare our corporate clients for the new and foreign market conditions, risks and challenges, industry trends and operational methods. The courses are tailored to meet specific needs and requirements of each project, so as to assure maximum results in each particular case, with consideration of research-based industry prognoses and market forecasts, as well as social and other applicable circumstances.

With many years of experience with successful international market entry behind us, and high level global business leadership experience and research in our ranks, XtraGlobex is in an exceptional position to bring client businesses sustainable competitive advantage all across the world stage. The Institute is available to organize and execute training seminars and executive roundtables geared towards your specific goals. Contact us today to discuss how our global expertise can work for you.