Value Based Payments in Direct Services in Community HealthChoices

A 3-Webinar Series to Help You Prepare

Presented Exclusively for PAPCA Members
By XtraGlobex, Inc. with Fady Sahhar and other members of his team

VBP In Direct Services Part 1 :
April 6, 10am – 12:30

VBP in Direct Services Part 2 :
April 13, 10am – 12:30

VBP in Direct Services Part 3 :
April 20, 10am – 12:30

Pennsylvania Providers Coalition Association (PAPCA) is pleased to work with XtraGlobex on bringing to light how value-based payments affect the direct services delivered in a managed care environment.

Focus on Personal Assistance, Personal Emergency Response (PERS), Home Modifications, Adult Day Programs

During the 3 Sessions we will cover:

  • A foundation of knowledge on value-based payments basics
  • Trends in Pennsylvania and other states
  • How VBP is applied in Pennsylvania’s Physical Behavioral HealthChoices
  • Applications of VBP in direct services
  • Lessons learned after 3 years of Community HealthChoices.
  • Lessons learned after 10+ years of Physical and Behavioral HealthChoices
  • Focus on Quality Parameters and applications to VBP.
  • The continuum of pay for process to shared risk.
  • How bundling and Community HealthChoices are closely related
  • Individual Provider readiness – Discussion and Tools
  • Negotiation structures – Rates and other factors
  • The Pennsylvania conditions with the three MCO’s, and how to best position current direct services providers for successful negotiations with the MCO’s.


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Speaker Fady Sahhar

Fady Sahhar brings over 30 years of senior management experience working with major multinational companies including Sara Lee, Mobil Oil, Tenneco Packaging, Pactiv, Progressive Insurance, Transitions Optical, PPG Industries and Essilor (France).

His corporate responsibilities included new product development, strategic planning, marketing management, and global sales. He has developed a number of global communications networks, launched products in over 45 countries, and managed a number of branded patented products.

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About XtraGlobex

At XtraGlobex, we provide guidance and insight for healthcare companies throughout the full spectrum of strategy, operations, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, and communications. Our cross-functional team brings diverse knowledge and collaborative energy to every project, and we take pride in our ability to support clients with endeavors in both developed and emerging markets.

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