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New York Health Equity Assessment

An assessment of facility, technology, or program for health equity. We can support New York requirements for CON, community health needs, addressing disparities, and propose mitigation strategies.


XtraGlobex is not contracted with any healthcare facility providers or governmental entities. Our team can approach each project with a clear perspective of community needs.


The company was established over 20 years ago and works in over 12 states, supporting providers, trade associations, payers and health plans in the Medicare and Medicaid space.


The team provides recommendations based on hard data, making recommendations that address social determinants of health and direct services. Our base operations of Strategic Business Development have honed these skills.


The firm is grounded in advocacy with a track record of collaboration and involvement in social issues and human rights for people with disabilities and underserved communities.

Our Review Board

Theo Bradley

A lifelong advocate for People with Disabilities, and President of Theo Braddy Consulting. Theo now serves as CEO of the National Council for Independent Living and volunteers on a number of national advocacy committees.

Susan Tachau

Susan is a leader in the field of assistive technology and disability rights. She has dedicated her career to improving the lives of people with disabilities and older individuals by providing financing opportunities, education, and advocacy for the acquisition of assistive technology devices and services. She recently retired as the CEO of Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF), a statewide Community Development Financial Institution.

Joan Martin

Joan has extensive experience in management of community-based programs and administered an ICF/ORC. She was Executive Director of UCP of Pennsylvania and has been an effective healthcare consultant and lobbyist for disability programs and funding. Her advocacy includes reducing barriers to services and healthcare disparities.

fady sahhar xtraglobex founder and ceo
Fady Sahhar

Founder and President of XtraGlobex since 2000, Fady is recognized for his advocacy and commitment to enhancing access to care, while working closely with providers and payers. He co-writes The VBP Blog and is a frequent speaker at national conferences.

Our Process

Market Statistics and Structure

Identifying the demographic and
socio-economic constructs of the area where
the new service / facility is being introduced.

Market Needs Analysis

Working interactively with the architects and CON
developers, our team will bring together data resources and tools to provide a more complete perspective of the unique Population Health Groups and community needs.

Stakeholder Surveys and Interviews

Leveraging a variety of market research methodologies, our team will interact with the key stakeholders in the community and relevant adjacencies. Recognizing the potential for language and cultural competencies of our team to ensure full coverage of the stakeholder community.

Integration and Mitigation Recommendations

Statistical data and the learning from stakeholder interactions with be integrated into a single document based on the NY DOH regulations. This report will also
present recommendations to mitigate any gaps in the services, and supplementing the CON.

Our Analytics Team

Yvonne Ward

A Subject Matter Expert in all things New York regulations, Yvonne brings a proven track record in the development of applications and grants in the Long-Term Services and Supports space.

Brooke Clippinger

Brooke brings extensive experience in analytics working with think tanks like Open Minds and Johns Hopkins. She is an expert in market analysis for potential mergers/acquisitions in specialty markets, opportunities analysis, and business strategy planning.

Mandy Sahhar

Entrepreneurial leader with proven results in digital marketing, sales and outcome driven activities. She is the chief analyst / researcher and co-author of The VBP Blog.

Review Team Process

The review team will consider the body of theresearch and mitigation plans and will recommendamendments as needed. The final report will begenerated and certified by the review team.


Fady Sahhar | (856) 397-5040
1700 Market Street Suite 1005, Philadelphia, PA 19103