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Who We Are

XtraGlobex is an advocacy-first organization built with a collaboration of consultants who are experts in their fields.

Every company faces changes in their landscape. Whether it’s a new initiative, plan for an acquisition, upgraded programs, or changes in their industry landscape, that is where we come in. We take each unique situation and help your company navigate the twists and turns of what is ahead.  

As a Women-owned Business Enterprise we pride ourselves on the diversity our team can bring.

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Meet Our Team

fady sahhar xtraglobex founder and ceo
Fady Sahhar

Founder & CEO

Amy Snider

Housing Expert

Mandy Sahhar

Marketing Lead

Brooke Clippinger

Research Consultant

Adam Sahhar

Technology Lead

Cathryn Hilliard

Marketing Consultant

Rasa Kaye

Research & Design

Cindi Hobbes

Healthcare Consultant

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Fady Sahhar

Strategy | Founder

Fady Sahhar is President of XtraGlobex Inc., the company he founded in 2001 to assist healthcare providers, ACO’s and services organizations in building exceptional and sustainable competitive advantage. The firm focuses on long term services and support in the aging, physical, and intellectual disabilities communities by leveraging healthcare strategy, policy, communications, and technology.

Before dedicating himself full-time to XtraGlobex, Fady was most recently Chief Administrative Officer with Liberty Resources in Philadelphia, the country’s largest Center for Independent Living. During his long tenure there, Fady honed his policy and advocacy skills while managing operations serving more than 7000 clients annually. He led strategy and quality management and re-launched the Transitions to Freedom campaign to support consumers transitioning into the community.

Fady has over 30 years of senior management experience working with major multinational companies including Sara Lee, Mobil Oil, Progressive Insurance, Transitions Optical, PPG Industries and Essilor. His corporate responsibilities included new product development, strategic planning, marketing management, and global sales. He has developed several global communications networks and launched products in over 45 countries.

Fady holds an MBA in Marketing and is a PhD candidate in Global Leadership and Economic Development. He teaches at the MBA level at several universities and conducts training seminars in global leadership, marketing management, and business development. In addition to English, he is fluent in French and Arabic.

Amy Snider

With nearly 30 years of experience, Amy’s background includes direct care work with vulnerable populations across the human services systems, and human service planning efforts with city, county, and state governments. Specific to housing, she has led innovative efforts to impact the availability of affordable and accessible housing with partners including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, PA Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), the PA and Allegheny County Departments of Human Services (PADHS, ACDHS), Allegheny County Continuum of Care (CoC) for homeless programs and services, United Way of Southwestern PA’s 21 and Able initiative, ACTION-Housing, and numerous disability advocates.

Mandy Sahhar

Mandy Sahhar provides experience in digital marketing, growth management, and business development. Her background has allowed her to get in on the ground floor of marketing efforts including website design, content marketing, and trade show planning. Through her modern approach to marketing, she focuses on bringing businesses into the new digital age of marketing through unique approaches and focused content creation. With a passion for marketing, she can bring a fresh perspective to an ever-changing industry. Mandy has an MBA with a marketing concentration from Canisius College.

Brooke Clippinger

Brooke Clippinger is experienced in strategy and planning, business development, and communications across a broad range of marketing functions and diverse industry segments. Through her experience, she has proven her ability to combine vision, creativity, and market trends to support new product development, branding initiatives, market positioning, and strategic planning. She most recently served as the Director of Business Development and Marketing for OPEN MINDS where she led strategy development for all marketing and sales efforts. Brooke has a bachelor’s dual-degree in Marketing and Management and a graduate certificate in Health Care Administration from Shippensburg University.

Cathryn Hilliard

Cathryn Hilliard has spent nearly a decade working with entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs in a marketing strategy and communications capacity. Cathryn has the experience necessary to bring a marketing plan from design to implementation. From print ads and digital marketing to website copy and rebranding, her marketing prowess and creativity have helped businesses from small startups to Fortune 1000 companies expand their reach. She is experienced in both print and digital marketing material creation and is well versed in the field of search engine optimization and copywriting. Cathryn holds an MBA with a marketing and consulting concentration from the University at Buffalo.

Ellen Schorr Sahhar

When Ellen Sahhar decided to launch XtraGlobex Services, she relied on over 30 years of experience in the human services and professional office management. Ellen started her career as a counselor in the intellectual disabilities arena and developed an expertise in transitioning consumers to a work setting, providing employment support and job coaching. She then transferred her knowledge into her business, managing a shared office complex and technology teams. As a Women-Owned Business Enterprise leader, Ellen’s focus on getting the job done right helps you to build an exceptional and sustainable competitive advantage.

Adam Sahhar

Adam Sahhar brings over 20 years of technology and digital marketing knowledge to the XtraGLobex team. Adam started his career in video production and product design, then moved on to public relations, and customer service roles. Most of his focus has been in web and marketing design with a focus on digital technology. He has spent multiple years working to improve business efficiency utilizing technology and innovation in the workplace. Adam holds a BFA from Long Island University.

Rasa Kaye

Rasa Kaye brings decades of major market broadcast experience as an award-winning radio, podcast and television producer, and on-air reporter to XtraGlobex. With over 20 years of experience as a news reporter in the Philadelphia area specializing in healthcare features with the CBS network of broadcasters, Rasa’s research and competitive analysis ability have served her well in developing stories. At XtraGlobex, she works on projects focused on new business development as well as programs in the human services and non-profit arenas. Rasa’s proven resourcefulness and determined information-gathering support the creative solutions that XtraGlobex clients expect.

Cindi Hobbes

Cindi Hobbes brings over 20 years of pediatric healthcare delivery and operations experience to the XtraGlobex team. She has expertise in policy and procedure development, clinic design, team management, marketing, and program development. Cindi helps clients creatively solve operational challenges, streamline processes to create efficiencies, and optimize care.

Cindi is active in the advocacy arena, working with and on behalf of organizations delivering care to vulnerable populations. She is an advocate for children with special health needs and their families receiving services along the continuum of care. Cindi holds a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Science with a minor in Health Communications and a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College.

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