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Press Release: XtraGlobex Supporting Workforce Crisis Coalition in PA


(Philadelphia, PA, February 9, 2022) – XtraGlobex has joined with leading associations of service providers to advocate with the Pennsylvania legislators to increase funding for workers supporting the most vulnerable consumers with physical and intellectual disabilities and people requiring behavioral supports.  The social media campaign will urge voters to impress upon legislators the urgency of the situation to attract and retain direct care workers in the field.

To combat the crisis, a coalition of providers and associations are banding together to advocate for legislative action. Members include the Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association (RCPA), The Alliance of Community Service Providers, The Arc of Pennsylvania, MAX Association, Pennsylvania Advocates and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities, and XtraGlobex Inc.

Fady Sahhar, President of XtraGlobex, Inc., announced strong support in funding and creative marketing for the effort. “We are pleased to be part of this campaign, along with the leaders in the industry to direct funds to those who are providing direct care to consumers,” stated Dr. Sahhar. “Being closely involved in marketing and recruiting efforts, we know firsthand how critical it is to recognize the hard work of caregivers and direct care workers.” 

COVID-19 has worsened the human social workforce crisis, which puts vulnerable Pennsylvanians at risk. Staff turnover is epidemic, open positions remain unfilled, and vacancy rates are at all-time highs. Pay is a big issue as well, with most human services professionals making less than $15 per hour. That is not a livable wage or a competitive rate, especially considering how challenging these jobs can be. The problem is growing direr, but state lawmakers have the power to help.

Because human services are primarily funded by Medicaid, these providers cannot simply raise prices to pay the higher wages necessary to attract and retain skilled workers. But the state government has billions of federal dollars and “rainy day” funds that could be used to raise wages to alleviate the workforce crisis in Pennsylvania. These funds remain unspent and without them, the workforce crisis will only worsen and providers will be forced to cut programs and services. Without these services, Pennsylvanians will no longer be able to live at home, in a community home, or receive the life-sustaining services they need.

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About XtraGlobex

XtraGlobex, Inc., a Certified Women Business Enterprise and a Disabled Business Enterprise, provides strategy, analytics, and communications services to organizations specializing in healthcare, community-based and professional organizations serving the Medicare and Medicaid populations, and Long Term Services and Supports. In addition, XtraGlobex has a digital marketing arm, XG Onward Marketing that assists health care agencies with digital marketing and website design. The company is grounded in a legacy of advocacy for Independent Living and Consumer Self-determination. Founded in 2001, XtraGlobex has offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida, and works with clients throughout the US and Canada.,,

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