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Value Based Payments After COVID-19: Part 3

A FREE 3-Part Webinar Series Designed for

Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and I/DD Providers

Exclusive for The Providers Alliance and MAX Members

The public health emergency highlighted the need for flexibility, responsiveness, predictable quality, and budgeting challenges. It also brought into focus the organizations’ readiness to respond, survive, and hopefully thrive after the emergency ends. This 3-part webinar series will help your management  teams understand the events of the past four months and how they will impact the future of your services and finances.

Each session will provide you the opportunity to send questions before the webinar, as well as to be interactive with the XtraGlobex team.

Part 1: The Landscape for Change –  July 14, 2020 – The first webinar will provide a review of the landscape, the temporary waivers, payment methods and how they are direct reflection of the long term prospects for the services you provide. We will cover some of the changes in other states and at the Federal level, and how they may color our perspective for  the future.

Part 2: Program Quality After COVID-19 – July 28, 2020 – In this session we will identify the key elements payers and funding sources have focused on during the public health emergency, and which of these are indicators of performance measures to be used in the future.  The discussion will also examine how these indicators will impact the services in the short term and beyond.

Part 3: Paying For It All After COVID-19 – August 11, 2020 – The flow of funds has dramatically changed, including the use of retainer payments and APA’s. But so have the cost of operating our services. This session will help you identify the areas where new costs are being incurred, the impact of short term funding from the Federal government, and the areas you should consider paramount in the future.

At the end of the sessions, participating agencies will be invited to a Free Private 30 Minute consultative session with the XtraGlobex team to address areas where additional questions remain.

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Speaker Fady Sahhar

Fady Sahhar brings over 30 years of senior management experience working with major multinational companies including Sara Lee, Mobil Oil, Tenneco Packaging, Pactiv, Progressive Insurance, Transitions Optical, PPG Industries and Essilor (France).

His corporate responsibilities included new product development, strategic planning, marketing management, and global sales. He has developed a number of global communications networks, launched products in over 45 countries, and managed a number of branded patented products.

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