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XtraGlobex Analysis of I/DD Managed Care Points to Provider-led Networks Releases Key Analysis After Reviewing Managed Care Programs in 10 States for Consumers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


(Philadelphia, PA, August 25, 2020) Fady Sahhar, President of XtraGlobex, Inc., announced the completion of a blog series at centered on managed care programs for Consumers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The analysis reviewed the planning and implementation processes, as well as the current outcomes and results.  This review focuses on the path to value-based payments and points to the importance of stakeholder engagement and the role of case management / service coordination. Most critically, it concludes that provider led networks may be the most effective form of delivering managed care services to the IDD and Autism community.

With an estimated 1.5 million Medicaid consumers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, XtraGlobex found that the engagement of these consumers, their families, and advocates is essential to the design of the programs. While 10 states currently offer managed care programs to support this population, programs are not necessarily similar, nor do they have the same degree of acceptance and success.

As a thought leader in value-based payments, XtraGlobex reviewed the managed care programs offered by these 10 states and assessed a wide range of results, types of programs, and different roll-out strategies.  Included are Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Texas.

“After a lengthy analysis, we found that program design matters as much as the engagement of consumers and their advocates, said Dr. Sahhar. We also found that when providers are leading the service delivery, the quality and delivery of the services are more effective.  That is the building block for ultimate Value-Based Payments.”

Mandy Sahhar, Co-Author of the blog said, “We took a deep dive into the design and execution of programs in 10 states, and the XtraGlobex analysis reveals five  key takeaways.”  These include:

  • Multi-State commercial MCOs are not the only answer
  • Local/Regional program designs have their own benefits
  • Case management can take on many forms but should be simplified
  • Speed and phasing of roll-outs matter.  Pilots and multi-design testing improve the quality and success.
  • When providers are fully engaged as a designer and payer, the programs are more effective in achieving the desired goals.

More information on these and other conclusions are available at, along with ongoing observations and analysis of value-based payments. Subscription is complimentary.

“It’s important to note that these 10 states are only the beginning, “Mandy Sahhar added. “As programs develop and new states launch their own versions, there’s still a lot of information to be gleaned and lessons to be learned. We’ll be staying on top of it and sharing our insights about value-based payment trends in The VBP Blog.”

XtraGlobex continues to advocate for consumers and strives to provide the most up-to- date and useful information surrounding VBP and how to best approach managed care.

About the Company

XtraGlobex, Inc., a Certified Women Business Enterprise, and a Disabled Business Enterprise, provides strategy, analytics, and communications services to organizations specializing in healthcare, community-based and professional organizations serving the Medicare and Medicaid populations and Long-Term Services and Supports. The company is grounded in a legacy of advocacy for Independent Living and Consumer Self-determination. The VBP Blog is a free resource for thought leadership, research and value-based payments presentations and assets. Founded in 2001, XtraGlobex has offices in Philadelphia, PA, Harrisburg, PA and Marlton, NJ and works with clients throughout the US and Canada.;

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