February 2019

VBP Bundled Payments

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Break Through Value Based Payments Part 6: Bundled Payments As we move Onward! Along the continuum of Value Based Payments, we examine Bundled Payments in this installment of our series. We have noted that some of these topics require more depth, so you may see our series expand to 12 or more…. This gives us the opportunity to share and advocate even more. Look for our Advocate Perspective below! Bundled… Read More »VBP Bundled Payments

VBP Payment for Performance

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Break Through Value Based Payments Part 5: Payment for Performance We have received very positive response to this series and we continue to see the path of Value Based Payments as a progression, a journey from knowing what you do, how you do it and how well you do it, to capitalizing on the quality of what you share in the value of what you are delivering. Our Advocate’s Perspective is at… Read More »VBP Payment for Performance